Moss and Swirls

Once you have descended into the Elakala Falls gorge you get the option of pushing on past the first amazing waterfall. This is the second falls of the Elakala River and it requires scrambling over some downed trees and another steep hill to get to. The lush greens of spring are the perfect time to visit this waterfall. The second falls is less visited than the first falls on the Elakala River but it is every bit as pretty. Once down to river level I found a giant boulder in my way, blocking the shot I wanted. So I climbed the boulder and spread my tripod out straddling the rock. From the top of the rock you get an excellent vantage point for photography. I had to keep my hands on the tripod to keep it stable and to keep it from falling off the rock. The rock gets quite cold in the early spring as the gorge is heavily shaded. Climbing out of the gorge is just about as hard as getting down in the first place. But for such a beautiful waterfall it was worth it!