GSMNP Waterfall V

I like to travel at night, whenever I set out on a long drive I leave while most people are sleeping. This was true of this trip to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. I drove through thunderstorms almost the entire trip from Maryland to Tennessee. But I knew as long as the sun came out in the morning, all this rain would help things become even greener than they already were in the springtime. I also knew that all the little waterfalls in the park would be swollen. Sure enough, as I pulled into the park right around sunrise the storms were moving off into the distance. I decided to go waterfalling. I visited every waterfall I could find and they were all flowing at capacity. This particular falls was along the side of the main road through the park. I am not even sure it exists during the dry season, but today it was raging. The white water looked so good against the spring greens. This was my favorite shot of the day!