Bryce Canyon Amphitheater

As I pulled into a dark Bryce Canyon National Park the temperatures plummeted. A reasonable 40 degree Fahrenheit November morning at the hotel turned into a brisk 19 degree Fahrenheit at the parking area. I had not had a chance to scout out the area for compositions ahead of time so I had to wing it. I approached the rim trail in the dark and could barely make out the hoodoo below in the valley. Inch by inch the sun approached the horizon and visibility got just a little bit better. I finally found my spot so i set up the camera and hoped for a light show. The clouds lit up some but what really surprised me were the colors coming out the valley hoodoo in my camera! The reds and oranges were really amazing despite not having sunlight on them yet. The brisk autumn air took on a blue glow the further I looked out over the valley. I braved the cold and shifted my position a few times yet I like this first picture the most from that morning. I will always remember the colors of Bryce Canyon!