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I got my first camera in the early days of digital photography. I loved the freedom to explore and create without wasting film. I reveled in finding angles and viewpoints that others did not see. Fast forward to 2010 and my life was hitting an emotional low. In this season of life I really began to turn to photography as more than just a curiosity and more of an artform, which became therapeutic for me. I began to study art and photography, reading and absorbing all the information I could get my hands on. I upgraded my camera to a DSLR and began to shoot as much as I could. Pushed on and motivated by my mother, I gained confidence and new skills.


As time went on I got more serious about photography and desired for it to be more than just a hobby, but a dream job. I was obsessed with creating new images and exploring new techniques. I found landscape photography to be my favorite and would eventually become a love for me. I am always in search of the Grand Landscape, and have my wide-angle lens handy at all times. These days I don’t just see landscapes but my eye tends to dig deeper looking for the more intimate scenes that make up the Grand Landscape like puzzle pieces, it makes for a great challenge and beautiful photographs. During my years searching and looking for beautiful landscapes I discovered another love, bird photography.  I pride myself on images of birds in their natural environment, and do my best to not disrupt their natural routines. An accomplished birder, I have seen over 300 different species of birds in the continental United States and am constantly scouring bird sites for the next beautiful bird.


I find photography to be a mostly lonely adventure, I have wandered many national parks alone seeking my next best shot. While lonely at times, I tend to allow my photography to convey my feelings and emotions, which is the ultimate goal.  Some of my best photography memories include being waist deep in snow in the local reservoir or driving through a national park and I never feel alone when I have my camera with me. Photography allows me to bring a story to life to those who are willing to see it and hear it, through the emotions of each photograph. My stories include sunrises, star-filled skies, sunsets and many birds in between, each photograph a chapter flowing out of my emotions and heart. I find that I feel a peace and experience a quiet that I just can’t find in my normal day to day life when I am out exploring the next story. A moment of zen triggered by my shutter.